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These grey oval luxury dog beds are hand made from rattan. Rattan is much stronger than wicker due to its durability and resistance to splintering so ideal for your dogs bed. The entire bed is made from rattan which allows air to circulate stopping your dog from over heating. A soft cushion is included for your dog to snuggle down for a good nights sleep.

These beds are not just dog beds they are quality pieces of furniture that will enhance any room.

Medium: L 77cm x W 55cm x H 23cm
Large: L 84cm x W 61cm x H 26cm

Please note: as these beds are handmade from a natural product there may be a slight size or colour variation

Medium L 77cm x W 55cm x H 23cm
Large L 84cm x W 61cm x H 26cm
Care Hoover, wipe with damp cloth or hose down.
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