Dogs generally love to be active every second they are awake but some are lazy or old and prefer to spend most of their time sleeping! We think it is therefore important whatever your dogs daily routine that their place to sleep provides them with comfort and warmth to ensure they are happy and well rested.

Finding the perfect bed for your dog may not be as simple as you think. Dogs do have a knack of deciding what they like and don't like almost instantly, I am sure you have found that with their food and with people, likewise with their beds they can be rather choosy. We have kept all this in mind when designing our beds and hopefully have got something you and they will like.

PILLOW/MATTRESS BEDS are flat enough for your dog to lie on. They are perfect for dogs that like to completely sprawl out with their legs stretched. Depending on the size you choose they are suitable for one dog or several smaller dogs if they like to snuggle up together when they sleep. Pillow beds are soft and squidgy for your dog to snuggle down into whereas Mattress beds are firmer and might be a better choice for dogs who move a lot in their sleep or prefer to sleep in a more sprawled position.

CRATE BEDS are made specifically for your dogs crate. If you want to crate-train your dog it gives them a safe enclosed space to retreat to. They are a great way to make sure that your dog is safe, secure and comfortable whilst you are out of the house. We offer a bespoke service for Crate Beds just let us know the inner measurements of your dogs crate and your fabric choice then we will send you a quote.

DONUT BEDS are perfect for those dogs that love to curl up when relaxing or sleeping. They are round and provide a sense of security with an all-around barrier. If your dog loves to chill out in a pile of laundry or a duvet, then this may be the bed for them. The raised edge is also perfect for dogs that like to rest their heads on the arm of a sofa or pillow.


The bed should be large enough to be comfy but small enough to be cosy. If youre choosing a Donut Bed then measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of their tail (where it joins their body) and choose a bed that is at least that long from outside edge to edge giving them a smaller inside area to curl up in. For a flat Mattress or Pillow bed measure your dog from their nose to the end of their tail, this will give you a fairly good measurement of what size bed your dog needs.

It can also be a good idea to keep an eye on how your dog sleeps. Just like humans dogs will have a favourite position in which they like to rest, meaning some may move around a lot. If a bed is too small then this movement will be restricted; so always err on the larger side.


Yeast infections and other skin problems can be incubated by hot, grubby bedding. If you have a particularly mucky puppy on your hands then perhaps a waterproof liner to protect the mattress is the way forward. A regular cycle in the washing machine for the outer cover only will help the bed last longer as repeated washing of the mattress itself can make the stuffing go lumpy.